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Saturday, February 17, 2018
Saskatchewan. Building an innovative, thriving and sustainable economy.

Approximately 575 employees serve the public from operations across the province including the head office in Regina. The ministry reports to the Honourable Jeremy Harrison as the Minister of the Economy, and the Honourable Dustin Duncan as Minister of Energy and Resources. 

The executive management team is led by Deputy Minister Laurie Pushor. Find more information about team members and their divisions below.


This ministry’s mission is to advance economic growth to generate wealth and opportunity in Saskatchewan. The ministry includes the government’s major economic, resource and labour market development functions.

Petroleum and Natural Gas Development
Responsible for formulating and executing peteroleum and natural gas development opportunities in Saskatchewan.

Revenue and Corporate Services Division
The division oversees the ministry’s strategic planning, reporting and financial administration of budgets, contracts, expenditures and programs. It also develops strategies to improve the operational effectiveness of the ministry.

Labour Market Development Division
The division provides leadership, policy development, programs and services, and information to attract, develop and retain the skilled workforce requirement by a growing economy.

Petroleum and Natural Gas Division
This division has responsibilities related to the regulation of the oil and gas industry, with focus on public safety, the environment and the conservation of Saskatchewan's oil and gas resources.

Performance and Strategic Initiatives Division
The division is responsible for managing the performance metrics for the Ministry of the Economy, the strategic plan and the follow-up for the Growth Plan. Additionally, as a collaborative unit, the division works to support strategic cross-ministry and cross-government working groups and initiatives.

Minerals, Lands and Resource Policy Division
The division manages mineral and forestry development and taxation policy, geological services, energy policy and Crown mineral lands. As well as administering mineral, energy and forestry sector development, it also promotes growth in these sectors.

Economic Development Division
The division is responsible for providing advice on government policies to achieve a competitive business environment, as well as activities to encourage growth in key sectors.

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