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Friday, February 24, 2017
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In 2005, Saskatchewan initiated the formal development of an institutional control framework for the long term management of decommissioned mine and mill sites on provincial Crown land. The framework developed a formal regulatory process for long term site management when all activities had been completed and for the transfer of site responsibility back to the provincial Crown. The process provides for ensuring the health and safety of future generations, the protection of the environment, for providing closure for the mining industry and for meeting national and international standards and requirements.   

In 2007, the province legislated The Reclaimed Industrial Sites Act and The Reclaimed Industrial Sites Regulations to establish and enforce the Institutional Control Program (ICP). The ICP implements the process for the long term monitoring and maintenance of sites when mining/milling activities have ended, remediation has been completed and approved; and the process for transfer of the site to provincial responsibility. The two primary components of the ICP are the Institutional Control Registry and the Institutional Control funds: the Monitoring and Maintenance Fund and the Unforeseen Events Fund. The Registry will maintain a formal record of closed sites, manage the funding and perform any required monitoring and maintenance work.  

The Ministry of the Economy is responsible for the Institutional Control Registry. In consultation with stakeholders, the Institutional Control Program: Post Closure Management of Decommissioned Mine/Mill Properties Located on Crown Land in Saskatchewan document was created to outline the operation of the Registry and the requirements for a company to enter a site into the Registry.

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The Institutional Control Program: Post Closure Management of Decommissioned Mine/Mill Properties Located on Crown Land in Saskatchewan discussion paper outlines how the program operates and the requirements for a company to transfer a remediated site into provincial custody and enter the site into the Registry.

The Institutional Control Registry Report provides detailed closed site information. The report is updated as new sites are entered and accepted in the Registry, or as site status changes.

This is the five-year report on the status of the Institutional Control Program and the closed sites that have been accepted into the program. The report for the period ending March 31, 2012 represents the first such report prepared in accordance with the Act.

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